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BITS is a platform for creative and innovative solutions catering to multiple verticals viz. Media Distribution, Hosptials, Home Automation, Gated community solutions, ISP solutions etc. Most products / soltions are inhouse developments in collaboration with a Chinese technology partner.


Keeping in view of all types of users and devices, all our solutions are desiged to be responsive while maintaining the ease of use aspects.
Be it a Mobile Phone, Tablet, Palmtop, Laptop, Big Screen like LED Monitor etc, resposive pages place the content in readable format.


Our product portfolio is filled with our passion and hence the results are the best product/solution for everyone's need and necessity.


Every solution / product is deisgned with clutter free User Interface and easy to operate by users of different levels in respective oraganizations.


Team is well conversant with customer difficulties, product functions & features and nurtured to be very customer friendly to ensure the best possible support at all times.

Our existing client base is spread across india in more than 10 states with products and solutions mainly used in Media distribution (Cable TV & IP TV) for both MSO & LCO soutions.

We know design.

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Smart solutions from BITS

BITS - SMS BITS - 'Subscriber Management System', is specially developed for Cable & IPT TV Industry to use by MSO's. Its a feature rich, flexible and very user friendly design with thoroughly tested application logic will make your work more productive with minimal use of time & efforts. BITS-SMS complies with all the guidelines of TRAI and Broadcasters with regards to operational functionality and Reports.

Salient features : Bulk operations, Area commands, Flexible user manangement, Reminder functions, Auto Renewal (single / bulk), Pre-paid, Post-paid, Supports Cable TV & IPTV and many more ..

TRAI Compliance : Broadcaster reports, MSO Reports, Frachise Reports, Global Messaging, Blacklist, Suspend, Resume, ....

Audit passed by STAR, ZEE and all other broadcasters

BITS - CAS BITS - 'Conditional Access System' is a Standard Security CAS and is fully compliant with DVB standards. Also can be integrated with any standard Scrambler which is compliant with DVB standards and works good in Simulcrypt environment with any other CAS which supports simulcrypt.
It is developed keeping in view of the various security functions to protect the content from piracy such as 3DES for 4 layer scrambling, AES and Private algorithm to Encrypt and sign data. Also supports key replacement and dynamic data update.

TRAI Compliance : Fully addressable system, Area management, Pairing, Blaklist, DVB Compliance, Simulcrypt, ....

Audit passed by STAR, ZEE and all other broadcasters


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